MANAGE YOUR OWN OIL & PROPANE DELIVERIES AND POCKET THE SAVINGS! eliminates the overhead of processing orders, billing costs, credit account maintenance and degree day record keeping of our full service automatic delivery accounts.  We pass that savings on to you with a lower price per gallon!  Low prices on premium fuel from the leading propane and oil company you've known and trusted for decades in Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton Counties in PA and Warren County, NJ.dave lessig photo

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Perfect for businesses & homeowners who wish to manage their own deliveries and get our lowest prices in return. Our low online oil & propane prices, convenient 24/7/365 ordering.

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those who want or have automatic delivery, Lessig credit accounts or budget & pre-buy payment options. Please visit our main website for Full Service.

Lowest propane and heating oil prices, and local people you know and trust!
       "You can count on my team of home and business heating fuel experts"  Dave Lessig

Advisory:  Our automatic delivery customers should not purchase fuel online. Purchasing online will invalidate your degree-day record, disrupt your normal deliveries and void your service agreement.  Please contact us with any questions.


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If you order more discount fuel gallons than fits in your tank, the difference is refunded to your credit card. No worries! Lowest oil & propane prices!

Low Minimum Oil Orders!
100 or 150 gallon oil orders depending on delivery location. Local service by Lessig Oil & Propane.